Hyannis, 1982

We're in Hyannis.
It's cold.
My '65 VW
with California plates
gets me to the lot
behind the Trailways depot.
It's 11 p.m.
And January.
I got a $100 bill
from some doctor up on Liam Lane
who wants to get high.
I leave the engine running.
The lot is empty.
The 10:42 to Fall River, Pawtuckett
and Providence is running late, but it's running:
tail lights fading out on Rt. 6.
A guy with a Red Sox cap
under his hoodie,
slips out
from the back of a building.
That's who I'm looking for.
I give him the hundred.
He hands me the coke
in a paper bindle.
I take a little taste
and pull away.
The heater hasn't worked for months
but now, I won't need it.
"One Thing Leads To Another"
comes on the radio.
I love that song.
I love this night.

You know,
Hyannis wasn't such a bad place
till the wrong kind of people
started moving in.

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